Oil and Air lubrication systems


SKF Oil+Air

System description:
In oil+air lubrication, a quantity of oil metered volumetrically by a pump or distributor is pulled apart by a continuous air flow in a tube and carried along the tube wall in the direction of compressed-air flow. The quantity of oil is fed into the air flow in pulses at a mixing point (mixing valve). A nearly continuous flow of oil is produced that leaves the outlet nozzle as fine drops and is fed to the rolling bearing without contact. This means that the bearing housing is under a slight overpressure, which keeps dirt away from the sensitive bearings. The carrier air leaves the bearing nearly free of oil. This concept creates no oil mist or oil fog, making it environmentally friendly as well.

SKF Oil+Air lubrication systems can be tailor-made and apply leading oil-streak sensor technology.


SKF Oil+Air lubrication systems are designed primarily for high speed bearings in machine tool spindles, chains and special applications in the steel industry.

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