Progressive lubrication systems


for oil, fluid grease and grease
SKF ProFlex and Lincoln Quicklub progressive lubrication systems can be used on small- to medium sized machines with dispersed lubrication points that require varying lubrication quantities.

Progressive lubrication systems consist of a pump connected to at least one primary metering device. If needed, second level metering devices can be connected to the outlets of the primary metering device to increase the number of lubricated points.

The pump supplies lubricant to the metering devices with pressure up to 550 bar (8 000 psi), depending on the pump model. The metering devices split the lubricant into even or predefined amounts of lubricant, depending on metering device. SKF’s progressive systems can dispense a precise, metered amount of lubricant to up to 150 lubrication points over distances of approximately 15 m (16 yd). For oil applications, even in connection with flow limiters we can cover distances over 100 m (110 yd).

SKF progressive systems provide continuous lubrication as long as the pump is in operation. Once the pump stops, the pistons of the progressive metering device will stop in their current positions. When the pump starts supplying lubricant again, the pistons will carry on where they left.
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