Combi kits


The SKF TMMK series is designed for the quick and precise mounting and dismounting of deep groove ball bearings from shafts, housings and blind housings.

The TMMK 10-35 suits bearings with bore diameters from 10 to 35 mm, whereas the TMMK 20-50 suits bearings with bore diameters from 20 to 50 mm.

For mounting, a multi-purpose fitting tool is included which is suitable for mounting bearings as well as bushings, seal rings, belt pulleys and other similar products.

For dismounting of deep groove ball bearings from blind housings and shafts, the SKF TMMK series contains a unique three-armed puller.

When dismounting deep groove ball bearings from housings, a combination of this puller, sliding hammer and support rings enables easy removal of the bearings.

All parts are clearly arranged in the case for easy selection and identification
The correct combination of impact ring and sleeve helps ensure that mounting forces are not transmitted via the rolling elements of the bearing, minimizing damage to bearing due to incorrect mounting
The impact rings are made of high-impact modified polyamide. The impact sleeves are made of glass fibre-reinforced, high-impact modified polyamide, which is super-tough, strong and lightweight
The dead-blow hammer has nylon faces and is steel-shot loaded for maximum impact. The handle, with comfortable rubber-grip for good handling, absorbs shock and vibration
The claws are especially designed to facilitate a precise fit in the bearing?s raceways, providing good grip and allowing the application of higher dismounting forces
The designation is laser-engraved on the arms allowing easy identification and selection
The springs are colour-coded allowing easy selection and matching
Elastic locking ring results in easy connection of puller arms to spindle
Heavy sliding weight of the sliding hammer generates a high dismounting force