Bearing fitting tool kits


Achieve Perfect Mounting Every Time with RBC Bearings’ SKF Bearing Fitting Tool Kit!

Improper bearing fitting can lead to premature failures and costly downtime, and at RBC Bearings, we understand this all too well. That’s why we offer our customers the best solution for accurate and efficient bearing installation with our SKF Bearing Fitting Tool Kits. These kits provide quick and precise mounting, while minimizing the possibility of damaging your bearings’ raceways or rolling elements.

Two Series of Bearing Fitting Tool Kits: SKF TMFT 36 and TMFT 24

RBC Bearings offers two series of Bearing Fitting Tool Kits: the SKF TMFT 36 and TMFT 24. The TMFT 36 fitting tool kit includes 36 impact rings, while the TMFT 24 fitting tool kit comes with 24. Both fitting tool kits include three impact sleeves and a dead-blow hammer, all packed in a lightweight carrying case. The impact rings and sleeves are made of high-impact-resistant material, ensuring longevity and marked for easy selection. The rings and sleeves provide excellent grip for effective transmission of mounting force.

The TMFT 24 fitting tool kit is designed for different bearings with bore diameters from 15-45mm, while the TMFT 36 fitting tool kit is suitable for 10-55mm diameters. The dead-blow hammer features a nylon double-side head and a rubber handgrip, ensuring excellent grip and preventing damage to your components.

Don’t settle for poor fitting and premature bearing failures! Choose SKF TMFT Bearing Fitting Tool kits and ensure accurate and efficient bearing installation every time!

The SKF TMFT 24 and TMFT 36 Bearing Fitting Tool Kits make it easy to achieve correct mounting on shafts, housing, and blind applications. The Bearing Fitting Tool Kits come with impact rings that precisely fit the inner and outer diameter of the bearing, and a small impact area on top of the sleeve, allowing for effective transmission and distribution of mounting force.

The click connection between the impact ring and sleeve ensures stability and durability, even under a press. The impact rings are marked for easy selection and clear visual identification of the size, while the even surface of the impact sleeve provides excellent grip. These kits are suitable for a variety of applications and will help you get the job done right the first time.