Anti-corrosive agent


SKF LHRP 2 provides excellent long-term corrosion protection to ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. When applied, it creates a stable rust protection film on the surface of the metal piece.

Excellent rust protection in high humidity environments
The thixotropic nature of the product facilitates the application process whilst creates a stable protective film
The residual films can be easily cleaned by slight mechanical agitation or heat, because of its thixotropic nature
Bearings do not need to be cleaned from SKF LHRP 2 prior to the application of greases, as it does not influence the performance of the greases *

* = Note: SKF Grease LGET 2 requires the film to be removed

Heavy protection (up to 9 months outdoor shed)
Good protection on copper and brass
No dripping
Low noise (in bearing)
Compatible with most bearing greases
Not sticky to most packaging papers