Tri-section pulling plates


Efficient and correct dismounting

The tri-section pulling plates, TMMS series, are especially designed for use in combination with three-armed pullers. The plates grip behind the inner ring of the bearing. This prevents the pulling forces from being transmitted through the outer ring and the rolling elements, minimising the risk of bearing damage.
The TMMS series consists of 5 different sizes of tri-section pulling plates suitable for shafts with maximum diameter ranging from 50 to 380 mm (2 to 15 in).
The unique design of the TMMS series allows the application of force on most efficient point; the inner ring, and thereby requiring less force for dismounting than when pulling on the outer ring
The firm grip behind the bearing’s inner ring ensures that the pulling forces are only transmitted through the inner ring and not through the outer ring or the rolling elements, preventing bearing damage
The tri-section construction allows even force distribution, preventing bearing locking and/or tilting on the shaft, especially in the case of SRB and CARB?, during dismounting
Suitable for use in combination with any three-armed puller
Special wig shape allows the plates to be easily inserted between bearing and the shoulder on the shaft
Available in a wide range, covering most common shaft sizes