Shaft Alignment tool TKSA 71



Designed for professional alignment in harsh industrial environments, the TKSA 71 complements SKF?s offering with a high-end shaft alignment tool. The instrument is very versatile with ultra-compact measuring units for use in extremely narrow spaces. Its dedicated software applications enable different types of alignments, including horizontal and vertical shafts, spacer shafts and machine trains. Superior alignment performance and long-term industrial durability are achieved with an innovative instrument design that offers high measurement accuracy and excellent protection against dust and water in harsh environments.
TKSA 71 advantages
Easy-to-use – Intuitive software applications, guided alignment processes and explanatory videos
Wide range of applications – Comprehensive accessories and dedicated software applications
Superior alignment performance – Up to 10 m measurement distance, disturbance compensation, measurement flexibility, only 40? total rotation, automatic measurement and customised alignments with target values
Protection against harsh environments – Completely sealed measuring units (IP67) to withstand dust and water
Ultra-compact measuring units – Use in extremely narrow spaces
Robust carrying case – Excellent protection, convenient transport and wireless in-case charging