Multi-core induction heaters



A flexible heating solution for very large bearings and workpieces
Multi-core Induction Heaters TIH MC series
The patent pending, SKF Multi-core Induction Heaters TIH MC series are energy efficient custom-made heating solutions, that can save heating time and potentially reduce CO2 emissions.

Flexible design, consisting of a number of induction heating cores and coils controlled by a single control and power cabinet

Suitable for heating large thin section workpieces, such as railway tyres

Depending on workpiece, heating capacities of several tonnes can be realised

For components sensitive to uneven induction heating, they allow for a more even temperature gradient across the whole circumference

Ergonomically designed sliding yoke, for larger TIH MC series, reduces lifting time

Remote control panel, detachable from the power cabinet, helps improve ease of use and user safety

Temperature mode allows the desired heating temperature to be specified, helping prevent component overheating

Time mode for heating components other than bearings, allows flexibility in application

Automatic demagnetisation at the end of heating cycle helps reduce the risk of ferrous contamination of the bearing

Unique design allows for custom-made solutions to be quickly and economically produced