Internal bearing puller kits



Fast and easy bearing dismounting from housings

The SKF Internal bearing puller kits are designed for dismounting bearings from housings, where the fit is on the outer ring. The pullers are constructed for optimum strength and durability and suit a wide range of bearing bore diameters. A sliding hammer allows high impact forces to be applied and is ergonomically designed to enhance user safety.

TMIC series

Expandable collet design made of high strength materials
Designed for applications with only a limited space to grip behind the bearing
Suit bearing bores between 7-28 mm

TMIP series

Unique patented SKF design can reduce dismounting time
Unlike most internal bearing pullers, the spring loaded extractors can be quickly and easily fitted to the inner ring in just one quick action.
Claw design provides a strong and secure grip behind the inner ring, allowing a high puller force to be applied
Two different kits to suit bearing bores between 7-28 mm and 30-60 mm