Belt alignment tools TKBA 10 and 20



Versatile tools for pulley and sprocket alignment
The SKF TKBA 10 and TKBA 20 allow pulleys and sprockets to be aligned on the side face. The unit magnetically attaches to the inside or outside face of almost any belt pulley or chain sprocket and has no small parts or targets that can get lost. A laser line is projected from the transmitter unit to the reflector unit mounted on the opposite pulley. A reference line on the reflector unit directly indicates the offset and vertical angle misalignment. The reflected laser line shown on the transmitter unit shows the horizontal angle misalignment of all three.

Features and benefits
Powerful magnets allow fast and easy attachment
Facilitates simultaneous adjustment of tension and alignment
Can be used on almost all machines using V belts, banded belts, ribbed belts and most other belts as well as chain sprockets
SKF TKBA 10 utilises a red laser and can be used for distances up to 3 m (10 ft)
SKF TKBA 20 utilises a highly visible green laser and can be used for distances up to 6 m (20 ft). It can even be used outdoors in sunny conditions
Sturdy aluminium housings help ensure assembly stability and accuracy during the alignment process