Adjustable chocks


SKF Vibracon – The universal adjustable re-useable chock
SKF Vibracon is a machinery mounting chock that is easily and accurately adjusted. The chock accommodates the angular difference, up to 4?, between machine and the mounting base without expensive machining of the base or the extra work of installing epoxy resin chocks. The self-levelling capability, combined with the height adjustment feature, eliminates the possibility of a soft foot in the production line throughout the life cycle of the machinery.
Saves installation time
Re-adjustable / re-useable
Accommodates angular gaps
Self levelling
Eliminates the ?Soft Foot?
Installed base of over 1.000.000 pieces
Standard range available from stock
Customized engineered solutions
The SKF Vibracon is available in different materials to meet the need of your application, even those in the harshest environments. This adjustable chock is available in standard carbon steel (CS series) and in surface-treated carbon steel (CSTR series) for improved corrosion protection. Developed to withstand the most challenging conditions, a stainless steel version (SS series) is offered with the highest corrosion protection available.